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  Chilinji Pass Trek

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Chilinji Pass is a high mountain pass located in the Hindukush Range of Gilgit-Baltistan in Pakistan closer to the border of Afghanistan at a height of 5,335 meters above sea level. The pass is often covered in snow and ice, making it hardly accessible for much of the year. But local shepherds attempt the track across the pass with their livestock during the summer months, when the weather is relatively normal. However, even in the summer, unpredictable weather can make the crossing challenging. Chilinji Pass has historical significance as it has been used for centuries by local communities for trade and travel. It links the Ishkoman Valley in Pakistan and the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan, which helped facilitate the exchange of goods, livestock, and cultural interactions between the two regions. The pass holds importance for the indigenous communities living in the surrounding areas. It has been used by shepherds and traders belonging to different ethnicities, including Wakhi, Gujjars, and Burushos, who have their unique traditions, languages, and ways of life. Despite the challenges, Chilinji Pass attracts adventure enthusiasts, trekkers, and mountaineers from around the world. The rugged beauty of the Hindu Kush and the Karakoram Range makes it an appealing destination for outdoor adventurers. Trekking routes leading to Chilinji Pass offer stunning vistas of snow-capped peaks, glacial valleys, and alpine meadows, providing an unforgettable experience for visitors.



1. Flight from Islamabad to Gilgit and back to Islamabad.
2. Transportation from Chitral to Kalash and Lasht.
3. Transportation from Chapursen to Karimabad to Gilgit.
4. Pick and drop from the airport to the Hotel and vice versa.
5. 3 nights stay at 3*/4* Hotel in Islamabad (bed & breakfast).
6. 1-night stay in Chitral in the best Hotel (B/L/D).
7. 1-night stay at High Camp surrounded by the highest peaks of the Hindu Kush and Karakoram range.
8. 1-night stay at Karombar Lake, camping. (B/L/D).
9. 1-night stay at Karimabad in the best Hotel (B/L/D).
10. Welcome Dinner will be served restaurant in Islamabad.
11. Twin shairng for each members.
12. Payment of all Government taxes in Pakistan.
13. All necessary Documentation.
14. 3 meals a day along with comfortable accommodation in the hotel.
15. Medical and first aid kit.
16. Professional tour guide.
17. Taxes and fees required for necessary tools.
18. Farewell dinner.


1. Airfare for international flights.
2. individual services of rooms. Extra charges may apply.
3. Minibars will not be provided while staying in hotels or while travelling.
4. Distinct Items for an individual which we provide collectively like rooms provided for two members. Extra charges may apply.
5. Personal equipment cargo to/from Islamabad
6. Pakistan visa fee
7. Meals in Islamabad other than breakfast.
8. Insurance if trip cancellation.
9. All costs arising from the necessity of an early conclusion or summit attempt (additional hotel nights, hotel meals, and evacuation expenses).
10. Costs resulting from unforeseeable delays beyond our company’s control (Force majeure).
11. Phone, fax, email or any personal communication from Pakistan to the home country.

Full Board Service


After the member arrives in Islamabad from their places, they will be picked up from the airport by our team and will be transferred to the hotel and allowed to rest and prepare for further travel on the next day.
In the morning flight from Islamabad to Chitral, we will leave. From the flight, we will reach Chitral by noon. In case of cancellation of a flight due to weather conditions or any other reason, we have arrangements to drive by road. We will reach Chitral the next day if case of travel by road. Our itinerary will be one day ahead of this case.
On this day we will make a visit to Kalash Valley which is also known as the Alexender’s lost tribe. It is a 2-hour drive from Chitral. In the afternoon we will return to Chitral and stay in the hotel for another night.
Lasht is located at a few hours’ distance by jeep from Chitral at a height of 3048 m above sea level. This will be our first camping day of the tour which will be at Lasht.
From Lasht, we will trek to Kashmanja at an altitude of 3300 m above sea level along the Chitral River. This route will showcase beautiful landscapes of lush green valleys.
This day is going to be a long trekking day. On this day, we will start our trek in the morning towards Ishkarwarz through the Brogil Pass which is located at a height of 3600 m from sea level. By reaching Ishkarwaz we will spend our night in camps.
The route from Ishkarwarz to Lashkargah Goz or Lashkargaz includes planned greenish areas of the Wakhi summer settlements. trekking for a few hours, we will reach the Lashkargaz which is 3000 m above sea level. Overnight in camps.
Lalay Rabat is located at a height of 3990 m above sea level. We will start our trek to Lalay Rabat from Lashkargaz via Showrsheer after spending a night here. By reaching Lalay Rabat, we will spend our night here in the camps.
Karomber Lake is an aesthetic Lake with scenic scenery at an elevation of 4304 m from sea level. This lake is amidst high snow peaks and glaciers. The water of the lake flows down into streams and these streams increase the beauty of the area more. Overnight at Karombar Lake in the camps.
After spending a night at beautiful Karomber Lake, we will trek to Shuinji summer pasture. The trekking route takes us through aesthetic landscapes to a height of 3930 m where the Shuinji Summer Pasture is located.
day 11 is going to be a long and tough trekking day as we have to trek through the Chotoboi Glacier. At an altitude of 3420 m from sea level, we will reach Sukhtarabad where we will camp for the night.
We have to climb through the alpine forest. The beauty of the alpine forest makes us amazed and thus this trek is not going to be very hard. At a height of 3450 m, we will reach the Chilinji Jungle. We will camp for the night in the Jungle
Trek to high camp is also not considered a hard trek. So, we will start a gentle trek towards the high camp. For the night, we will accommodate in camps at the High camp.
This day is going to be another long and tough trekking day. Thus we have to start our trek in the very early morning. The route to Biater from High Camp includes the Chilinji Pass at an elevation of 5160 m. On the way, we will have a great view of the high mountain peaks of the Karakoram and the Hindukush range. Overnight in camps.
Baba Gundi Ziarat is a shrine of Sufi saints who had miraculous powers. We will descend to Chapursen Valley where Baba Gundi Ziarat is located and spend the night in the Chapursen village in the camps.
Our trekking ends here and we will drive to Karimabad. On the way to Karimabad, we will also have a glance at Batura Glacier, Passu Glacier, Gulmit Village and the aesthetic Attabat Lake. For the night we will stay in the Hotel.
Karimabad Valley is a beautiful place to visit. This village includes many historic places like Altit Fort, Baltit Fort and Ganish Village etc. Which are popular tourist points in Hunza. We will have one day to visit these places. We will try to cover as many tourist points as we can.
Gilgit city is the administrative capital of Gilgit Baltistan. It will not take a greater amount of time to reach here from Karimabad. It may take only 2 to 3 hours to reach Gilgit. So, after reaching here, we will have a short time to visit the bustling bazaars of Gilgit City.
Flight for Islamabad from Gilgit Airport typically occurs in the morning. So by noon, we will be in Islamabad. In case of cancellation of the flight due to weather issues or any other issue, we also have arrangements to travel by road. In this case, we will drive to Islamabad, through Karakoram Highway. You will be dropped off at the Hotel in Islamabad.
day 20 is free in Islamabad. In case of travelling by road, we will reach Islamabad on this day. You can rest for the rest of the day or you can go shopping or sightseeing in Islamabad.
All members are free to go to their places. Our staff will transfer you all to the airport.

Terms & Conditions

1. Early Bird Discount:

The given prices are the discount offers for holidays and are limited. These prices may be changed accordingly. The local services providers and airlines as well as hotels increase prices in the season. So early reservation cost us less price.

2. Limited Space in Peak Months:

The peak months of the year attract a great amount of national and international tourists and hence sold out earlier. We will have a maximum of 15 travellers in one group. Our registration is on a first come first serve basis.

3. Limited Flight Seats:

We use the deposit to book your domestic flight in advance because domestic flight seats for the Himalayas and the Karakoram sell out very quickly in the peak season. Another reason is that there are only two flights in a day.

4. Pay Balance after arrival in Pakistan:

You may have concerns regarding paying your final balance. According to our policy, we receive your final balance only once you arrive in Pakistan. Deposit is the only Payment before arriving in Pakistan.

5. Pay Minimum Deposit:

The advance payment for the holidays also incorporates early bird discounts and may change automatically based on the late deposit schedule. The same dates in the schedule will be applicable for the next season's deposit as well.

Advance Deposit for Pakistani Nationals:

The advance deposit for Pakistani Nationals is PKR 100,000 or 30 % of the total price whichever is greater. The deposit amount is nonrefundable.

Extra Stays at Base Camp:

•For Extra Stays at base camp, extra charges will be charged.
01-04 pax US $ 130/. Per person per day
04-06 pax US $ 100/. Per person per day
06-08 pax US $ 90/. Per person per day
• If Government of Pakistan demands for any fee or new condition ensuing extra, the same will be charged in addition to normal Package offer.

• Reservations and Advance Payments:
For the confirmation of your reservation, you have to pay your advance into our account 50 days before the arrival of the group/ client in Pakistan. The rest of amount will be received once you arrived in Pakistan.

• Mountain Tigers Treks and tours
reserves the right to deduct, in respect of hotel reservation, confirmation of airline ticket, documentation and other necessary works which are being done before the arrival of client.

• 25% of the total amount will be deducted in case of cancellation in less than 15 days before the arrival date. If cancellation is made in less than 30 days, 10% of the amount will be deducted as in shape of paper works. Mountain Tigers trek and tours reserves this right.

• Anyone deciding to abandon after arrival, or may want to leave the trip during the expedition or tour, due to health issue or any other issue, will not be eligible for any refund. The same policy is applicable in case of entire group. If the group abandons or completes the trip early than the itinerary. No money will be refunded.

Refund Policy for All Deposit:

The deposited amount is non-refundable once it is paid. Because this amount will be spent in making all the arrangements. This deposited amount is also nonrefundable in case of Pakistani clients.

• Balance: Only pay the balance on the first day after arrival in Pakistan according to the Payment guidelines which will be shared later.

• Currency: International clients have the option to pay in US Dollar (USD). Or they may also pay in Euros (EUR) or Pound Sterling (GBP). Pakistani clients have the option to pay the equivalent amount in Pakistani Rupees (PKR).

• Single Supplement: Separate rooms will cost extra charge of 290 USD. This includes all hotel nights.

For separate tents, it will cost the extra charge of 180 USD including additional porterage cost. Both the payments must be made with the balance upon arrival


Mountain tiger treks and tour endeavors to ensure comfort and safety during tours. However, the company is not liable for injury, damage, death, loss, accidents, delays, public disturbances, or any other unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control.


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